About John Girard

I’m John Girard, a technologist and entrepreneur at the bleeding edge between the old world and the digital natives.

I help old businesses make sense of new technologies.  And I help new businesses make sense of the old rules that haven’t quite agreed to go away yet.

In a previous life, I started and was CEO of Clickability, a successful web publishing platform marketed to media and large enterprise businesses.  It was an incredible experience.  Here’s my little secret, though: I think WordPress (what I’m using to publish this blog) is better.

I split my working time today between personal projects and roll-up-the-sleeves advisory work with some of the most exciting businesses out there.  I’ve gotten to help a new media company rebuild its financial model; help an electric vehicle company bring its innovative product to market; and operate one of the most exciting firms in the social media monitoring space.

Don’t be shy.  Take a moment to say hello.



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